Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Where Are They Now Edition

No really, where are they now?!

We've moved twice in 6 months, once across the country, once having to pack everything in 3 days because we didn't think we'd be getting the apartment that we did.  Needless to say, shit got cray and not everything is accounted for just yet.

At first I was going to give myself an out and say that I would start this list over since it was a new year and I honestly haven't touched most of these in a looooong time.  Alas, I don't think I deserve a break on these.  Some may be retired for the time being, but I am not opposed to bringing things out of retirement.

In our new apartment, I've given my craft room to our newest roommate even though he doesn't pay any rent and has no interest in getting a job any time soon.
Lazy punk.

Behold, Craft Closet
Instead, I claimed the best closet to be my Craft Closet.  Its actually great and wraps around so there is tons of space in there for all of my things.  It is right next to our giant kitchen table so its very easy for me to get things out to work on them and then put things back when I'm done.  Granted, whilst wrangling the lazy punk baby through his first 4 months there hasn't been much dragging out of anything.  Now he sleeps for a decent stretch at night so I am looking forward to getting my craft on once again.

Things I Shockingly Made Progress On:

Hermoine Hearts Ron Hat
Turns out I really like cables.  This project only recently got some love, like in the last week because its been freakin' freezing in WI and I wanted to cute hat to wear.  It took a bit to remember what I was doing but now I am back on track.  I might even be able to finish it in time to wear before spring!
So soft and getting close to being done!
Check out my Ravelry page for this project here!

Robutt Quilt (New!)
I started this quilt for Jett while we were living in Madison.  Its from Dare to Be Square and its been a lot of fun to work on.  

However, a rigorous work schedule and being very very tired and pregnant means I didn't get it done before he got here and now its a bit stalled.  I haven't gotten a lot of pics yet and right now its in a bin in the Craft Closet so all you get is this. 
Bump bombed.
Stuffie Cthulu (New!)
I wanted to make Jett a little toy, something that I could work on while he slept on me or in the moments that I wasn't actively wrangling him.  I found this pattern and just fell in love.  I haven't taken any pics yet but its getting there.  I somehow thought it was an awesome idea to make it out of Homepsun because it'd be soft and snuggly.  

Amigurimi in Homespun is insanity.  I'll be amazed if it holds up once it's done enough in such a tight stitch to give it to the baby.  Haha.

Baby Strange (Complete!)

35 Weeks

This project has been in the works for 37 weeks.  We moved heaven and earth to make sure he could be born in WI and survived one of the most stressful moving and move-in adventures I've ever experienced.  In the beginning I was super sick, the second trimester was filled with a lot of packing and the third trimester was an exercise in discomfort.  I was working long hours on my feet at my new job and had some seriously swollen feet.  

I went into labor 3 weeks early.  Labored for about 17 hours and had me a sweet little baby boy.  Jett Aaron was born 10/6/13 at 12:35am at 7lbs9oz and 21".  I was very glad he didn't cook for 3 more weeks, he'd have been a damn hoss!

Pretty much how I spent every single day of my maternity leave.
Now he's 18 weeks old and I'm learning every single day how to be a mom to the littlest Strange.  He is always surprising me with how much he's grown and changed in such a short amount of time and yet I still can't imagine him crawling or walking or talking in real words.  Its a trip, this parenthood thing.  I dig it.

Check out his Tumblr page for more pics of the cutest Strange.

But enough of the cute baby.  Lets take a look at the awful truth...

No Progress:
Slipper Socks (because I still can't find them)
Hexy Scrap Vomit Quilt
The Sophia Cowl
Craftsy Bombshell Dress
Rainbow Granny Tote (crochet)

Ashton Shawlette by Dee O'Keefe  (finished with knitting, still need to block it)
Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

Craftsy Bombshell Dress (Retired because it is not very postpartum body friendly.  I started it when I was in much better shape and a lot has changed since then.  I may try to remake it to fit now, but for as much work as it is and for how rapidly my body is changing I believe I will wait on this.)
Pastille Dress (see above) 

I Will Get to It Eventually :
Craftsy Starlet Suit Jacket
Wonky Stars Mini Quilt ala Janice @ Better Off Thread
Tattoo Mini Quilt
Ice Cream Mini Quilt
HST Notebook Cover
Tiny Travel Sewing Case

Noodlehead Gathered Clutch 
Toe-Up Crochet Clogs for VCN

Completed: 1
WIP: 10
New: 2

Monday, February 10, 2014

Knocking The Dust Off: Return to the Cherryverse Edition

Jesus, its been very nearly a year since I last made a legitimate post.  So very much has changed since then and the dust is finally settling enough that I can get back to this blog and doing shit!

So what's new?

Well, I finished crafting that tiny human that I was working on.  He's probably my only finish for WIP Wednesdays at this point.
15 hours old.

Jett Aaron was born on 10/6/13 at 12:35am after about 17 hours of labor.  He was 3 weeks early and pantsed us completely.  Luckily, my dear +Holly absolutely saved the day several times over by going to take care of the animals, clean the apartment and do some last minute shopping for us.  We had a glow bug for 10 days while his jaundice resolved but now he is a picture of health, albeit a skinny picture.


He is 18 weeks old now and I am enjoying life in the mommyhood more than I'd even hoped.  He's hilarious and sweet and ambitious and I love him a little more every day.  I take way too many pictures, steal way too many snuggles and have conversations with the 4 month old that make me sound insane.


I would absolutely bombard you with pictures of the littlest Strange, but to keep this from going baby crazy, we've started his own Tumblr where you can see all of the tiny adorableness.  Or follow me on Instagram for even more baby cuteness.

We also managed to move from GA to WI with much drama and uncertainty in July.  Then moved again in 3 days a month after Jett was born but NOW we're finally settled in and loving our new home.  We look forward to spending many years here and are so glad that Jett gets to grow up here.

Sadly,we lost a member of the Strange Clan in October.  Sweet, hateful Skwisgaar passed away.  The vet palpated a mass on his kidney.  I still miss him every day.  The house immediately felt more empty without him. 

So what is next for SarieCherries?

I intend to get this blog back on track to help me help myself get back on track with my crafting, fitness, hula hooping and motherhood.  I am revisiting the Top Threes of 2014 and will document my progress in those things here.  I will keep up with the WIP Wednesdays and hopefully be able to actually finish things that I started last year while creating more awesomeness this year!

So stay tuned and I will be bringing the Cherries back!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Where've You Been, Sarie? Excuses Edition

It has been too damn quiet around the Cherryverse lately.  Well, the blog specifically.

And sadly, I can't even lie and say "I've been so busy, too busy to blog about it!" because that's just not true.

I have been busy crafting, but the result post won't come for a few more months.

Hello, Tiny Human!

Yep, this precious little bugger has made me so very sick all day long that I haven't been able to craft.  Hopefully after the 1st trimester I'll be feeling better and able to make shit once again!

I don't plan to bog this blog down with all the baby news so you can follow along over at Strange Baby if you're interested!

Also look for me contributing to the new and fantastic Go Make Shit blog!  A bunch of wonderful and awesome folks are getting together to say down with labels and pressure and the bullshit that sometiems comes with crafting online.  The goal is to just keep making shit and in doing so, we will make Epic Shit.  I'm super excited to be a part of it!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WiP Wednesday: I Will Touch Everything This Week!!

My goal for this week was to get my hands on as many of my "No Progress" items from the last WiP post.

Looking at the list, I realized there are some projects on this list that I don't even know exactly where they are currently living.  But so help me, I will lay my hands on them and make SOME progress!  In doing so I have decided that at least once a month I will have a WORK ON ALL THE THINGS week/frantic couple of days before WiP Wednesdays.

Pastille Dress/Sew the Perfect Fit Craftsy Class
With the help of Virtual Craft Night I made GREAT progress on getting my muslin fit for this dress.  Check out the post about it here!

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt
I made one block successfully and started a second but screwed up cutting the pieces so I scrapped it.  At least I re-printed the template (and a lost template from another block) and I am ready to try again!  But hey!  One block counts as progress!  Especially if that block is a dick.  Yes, I know the points aren't matching.  I did my best.  +Catann  will tell you, "Finished is better than perfect."  And I believe her.

Block 78 AKA Dick Block

Ashton Shawlette by Dee O'Keefe  
I have been working on this one as steadily as possible!  I am SO CLOSE to being ready to bind-off and block I can taste it.  Its even so close that I've been working on it at home.  Granted, it's in bed at night with the TV off and no other distractions, but still!  I've been working on it!

Its getting there!!

The Sophia Cowl
Row by row this is getting there.  Slowly but surely.  I need to stop watching riveting TV with my husband while I try to work on this.  It makes it hard to knit.  I will literally sit for 45 minutes with the knitting in my hands and throw maybe 2 stitches.  The rich purple is so hard to get right with my camera.

If you don't think this is a project go find the first picture I took of this!

Hexy Scrap Vomit Quilt
My goal was to get at least one 4x5 block of hexies stitched together.  And I did!  I was into the groove and started on another block but made myself stop because I had a lot of other projects to work on.  I'd forgotten the joy of tiny hand stitching so I hope to get back to this soon!

Number 2 of 30.  Woo!

Rainbow Granny Tote (crochet)
The first hard part was finding where I stashed this project.  The second hard part was remembering what the crap I was doing! Seriously, I had to start over like 4 times.  Apparently, I wasn't exactly following the pattern before.  So helpful, Past Me.  Present Me hates you now.  Luckily I sussed it out and was able to make 2 more motifs while loudly criticizing Season 2 of The Colony.

Hermoine Hearts Ron Hat (New!)
Demoting the Starlet Jacket for the time being made room for my new knitting project!   HAH!  I wanted a new hat but also wanted to learn a new skill because apparently I can't just knit something that I already know how to do so cables it was!  I haven't officially cast this on yet, but I did get all the supplies for it.

Check out my Ravelry page for this project here!

Craftsy Bombshell Dress
I finished some hand-stitching on the bodice of this dress.  I tried to work on the skirt, but I honestly cannot tell which pieces are skirt and which are huge scraps so I need to lay out the pattern pieces again and go from there, but I just did not have that in me this week.  I also forgot to take a picture before I put it back in its storage bin.

  No Progress:
Slipper Socks (because I can't find them - this is a problem)

So seriously, I feel mighty having made progress on so many things.  I wish I had more finishes, but for the time being I am happy that everything got a little bit of love.  I feel very accomplished and am actually going to spend a little more time on each of these things and see if I can't push them along.  I think the 2nd week of the month is going to be DO ALL THE THINGS week for me.  Maybe I will even be able to get some things finished this way!

I Will Get to It Eventually :
Craftsy Starlet Suit Jacket (demoted because I don't have fabric that I love yet.)
Wonky Stars Mini Quilt ala Janice @ Better Off Thread
Tattoo Mini Quilt
Ice Cream Mini Quilt
HST Notebook Cover
Tiny Travel Sewing Case

Noodlehead Gathered Clutch 
Toe-Up Crochet Clogs for VCN

Completed: 0

WIP: 9
New: 1

Linking up over at Lee's so you can see what awesomesauce the rest of the crazy crafty folks are up to!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sewing Sunday: Pastille Progress Edition

Last night at Virtual Craft Night, I challenged everyone to finish a project.  All of my WiPs are so far from finished I was initially going to start something new and quick just so I could get something done.  But then I got more muslin and decided that I was going to fit my Pastille, dammit.

With the help of my Craftsy class Sew the Perfect Fit and my dress form, Claudia, I got to work!

Claudia was so helpful in this process!  I spent some time earlier tracing off the pattern pieces so all I had to do was cut the muslin and start sewing and fitting.

I have a new found appreciation for grain lines in the fitting process.  This seems to take forever, but I feel like it was worth it to have a garment that really fits well.  The Pastille is a great sheath dress, but that means that fit is King.

Ignore Claudia's Sassy Bra (tm)
The next step was transferring all these changes back to the paper patterns pieces which included a lot of pausing the Craftsy video lessons, doing a thing, and watching it again to see if I did it right.

What madness is this?!
I never could have done it without Claudia or I would have had to get a friend to help me with this process.
The result was great!  I tried it on myself and only found a few things that I needed to change.  The darts were sloping inward because I was so worried about the fit over the bust that I over-looked them.  I hind-sight I would have added the width inside the dart toward the center front rather than outside, but eh, live and learn.

Look!  A result!
I only had to make a few minor changes, but considering it was just the first fitting, I was impressed!!

Almost final pattern.  I need to take some more out of the shoulder seams.

I really wanted to get the skirt fitted too, but at 2 AM I ran out of steam.  I know I wasn't much company at    Virtual Craft Night because I was deeply concentrating on this bull mess.

I would highly recommend this Craftsy class to anyone who likes to sew from commercial patterns and would like them to fit better!  I am learning so much!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WiP Wednesday: I See How Its Gonna Be Edition

And by that I mean that I can see that progress is going to be slow if non-exsistent on a lot of these.  Pastille is stalled because I still haven't gotten more muslin, The Sophia Cowl is stalled because I started something new that has a deadline, Scrap Vomit is still stalled because of the glue.  The rest is stalled for what seem like perfectly legitimate reasons though I'm sure that they aren't anything more than weak excuses.  I'm just not making the time like I should be.  I will work on that.

What's worse is that this blog post as been in the works for weeks now!  WEEKS!  

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt (New!)
Check out the slow but sure progress on this project here!  Virtual Craft Night is a life saver on this.  I get so much done that I don't think I would if not for this dedicated sewing time with my girls!

Beard Hats (New!) (Complete!)
My friend is throwing  threw her husband a lumberjack themed birthday party.  Jinx had even started growing out a beard just for the occasion   Alas, we gals aren't so facially inclined so I HAD to make us a beard to wear for the party!  I found this pattern on Ravelry and got to business.  Knitting down to the wire, I got them done!

Even better is how the cats conspired with the dogs to destroy the nice (ahem, expensive) knitting needles that I'd gotten to make these hats with.

Owly Images
At least they waited until I was done with the hats.  Assholes.

Sew the Perfect Fit Craftsy Class (New!)
I was offered a GREAT deal on this class and just had to try it out!  I am only in the watch-the-videos-and-learn phase but already feel more equipped to tackle the fitting on my Pastille as well as any other dress or blouse that comes along.  Claudia is going to be an invaluable partner in this endeavor.  I am waiting to get my pattern for the class, but as soon as it gets here (and I get more fabric), I will be making a muslin.

No Progress:
Hexy Scrap Vomit Quilt
Pastille Dress
The Sophia Cowl
Craftsy Bombshell Dress
Craftsy Starlet Suit Jacket
Rainbow Granny Tote (crochet)
Slipper Socks 

Ashton Shawlette by Dee O'Keefe  (work schedule has made it almost impossible to work on this at lunch)

Coming Soon:
Wonky Stars Mini Quilt ala Janice @ Better Off Thread
Tattoo Mini Quilt
Ice Cream Mini Quilt
HST Notebook Cover
Tiny Travel Sewing Case

Noodlehead Gathered Clutch 
Toe-Up Crochet Clogs for VCN

The Coming Soon section is just a lie.  Its more of a place holder for shit I will get to eventually and don't want to forget that I wanted to do it.

Completed: 1
WIP: 9
New: 3

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Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

Once Upon A Time...

There was a quilt that looked like so much absolute tedium and bullshit that I just HAD to make it.

The quilt was the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt.  Its pieces were tiny and precise.  I'd seen it made in the quilt-a-long and know folks who have made the blocks and I wanted in.  That kind of detail work soothes my soul, I don't know why. 

But how was I to get my hands on the book?  Enter the lovely and wonderful Jaquie.  She had the book and no intention of making the quilt so she sent it to lil old me.  Quilters are some of the nicest people I tell ya!

I decided to not go full crazy and make a throw sized quilt instead of the queen because this one was going to be for me and I just don't need all that blanket.

I flipped through the blocks and, of course, picked out the 50 more complex and convoluted blocks possible, made my little list and printed out the templates from the Yahoo Farmer's Wife group.  I decided to go paper piecing because this shit was going to need to be precise and cutting isn't my strength.  I'm too impatient at that step.

As of 1/29-13 I have 10/50 blocks done!   I feel pretty good about all that!

I could not be getting as far as I am without Virtual Craft Night.  The dedicated sewing time and the gals telling me that the points match close enough are keeping me going.  I'm so excited to see it all come together in a quilt that is just for me!